Skills and tools for dynamic simulation and organization of flows


Each of our software offers a free 30-day trial period, available upon request.


Analyze fire control and smoke dissipation in various structures for fire protection and safety or investigation.


Understand pedestrian egress and congestion hazards for fire protection and safety or urban planning.


Build 3D pressure zone models for stairwells, atrium spaces, and underground buildings using CONTAM in a modern UI.


The historical simulation software, distributed since the 90’s by 1Point2 is ExtendSim, developed by the American company ImagineThat!. This remarkably adaptable discrete event flow simulator is offered in a bilingual version and is applicable in manufacturing, logistics and service organization, as well as for studies of system dynamics. It has been used by 1Point2 and by large industrial groups to develop ambitious and varied models, sometimes used for years.

1Point2 is its exclusive distributor in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Germany and Austria.

Carrying out simulation studies

Our experts carry out personalized simulation studies.

Simulation software training

Master simulation tools thanks to our specialized training.

Technical assistance

Benefit from our dedicated technical support to help build your model.

Qui est 1Point2 ?

1Point2, French independant company, supports companies in their changes by using dynamic simulation techniques. Managers in all fields call upon us to assist their decision-making process on complex systems. Simulation is our core business. Once pioneers in this domain, we have an unparalleled experience in the scope of simulation issues and use of modelling tools, and we are also at the cutting edge of new tendencies and breakthroughs related to simulation.

30 years of simulation

Our strengths: understanding and taking into account your needs.

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