Appropriate software for efficient simulations

One of the strengths of 1Point2 is its competence in publishing major simulation software on the market: not only does the team knows the tools they use in depth, but 1Point2 has built a lasting technical link with the designer of the software, relaying information to their developers, and to end-users.

The historical simulation software, distributed since the 90’s by 1Point2 is ExtendSim, developed by the American company ImagineThat!. This remarkably adaptable discrete event flow simulator is offered in a bilingual version and is applicable in manufacturing, logistics and service organization, as well as for studies of system dynamics. It has been used by 1Point2 and by large industrial groups to develop ambitious and varied models, sometimes used for years.

1Point2 is its exclusive distributor in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Germany and Austria. See the specific website

Since 2014 1Point2 has also been a distributor in France of two software from the American designer Thunderhead Engineering, Inc.

Pathfinder, specialized multi-agent software for pedestrians simulation, applied to everyday movement as in an evacuation situation. See the specific site

PyroSim, software serving as graphical interface and code generator for Fire Dynamics Simulator, fire and air movement simulator. See the specific site