1Point2 distributes ExtendSim simulation software, designed by ImagineThat!, throughout southern Europe (bilingual French/English version). This modeling and simulation program is used in Manufacturing, Industrial engineering, Logistics and Services organization, as well as for system dynamics.

  • ExtendSim CP for all continuous industrial, scientific and general-purpose systems.
  • ExtendSim DE – adds discrete components for manufacturing systems or business reengineering.
  • ExtendSim Pro, an essential contribution for process modeling and high volume or high speed industrial systems, plus Reliability module for building reliability block diagrams (RBDs).
  • Targeted libraries created by 1Point2.

Studied systems are built graphically (one basic function = one graphical object) using the numerous standard or specific libraries. ExtendSim, the world’s most used simulation tool, is also of great value.


Some specifics ABOUT the ExtendSim approach

Design BOTH graphical and programmed
Building a model by connecting graphical objects enables quick learning of ExtendSim and very intuitive understanding of models.  But in order to avoid the risk of being limited by simplified or standard representations, coding with integrated C-like language makes it possible to modify existing objects or create components that are specific to a type of issues or to a company (production constraints, scheduling rules, custom organization).

Cooperation with other applications
Though including its own database system, ExtendSim makes data exchange easy by using fixed or dynamic links with Windows ActiveX standards, by using objects or a large range of input/output functions and by favoring the MS Excel format.

Flexible interface
A single interface for all users — may the end-user be a beginner or an expert in simulation, thanks to dozens or thousands of input parameters, tabular or graphical outputs, basic or sophisticated  animation, each ExtendSim model will be different from another and completely ergonomic in its own design.
Download a fact sheet about ExtendSim