Skills and tools for dynamic simulation
and organization of flows

1Point2, French independant company, supports companies in their changes by using dynamic simulation techniques. Managers in all fields call upon us to assist their decision-making process on complex systems.

Simulation is our core business. Once pioneers in this domain, we have an unparalleled experience in the scope of simulation issues and use of modelling tools, and we are also at the cutting edge of new tendencies and breakthroughs related to simulation.

  • Services

    Skills backed by years of experience, for flow studies, model building, training, methodological assistance.

    In the methodology of flow study as in the diversity of the questions and the fields approached, 1Point2 has a unique experience.

    You will find the partner who can adapt to your needs and your approach.

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  • Software

    Long-lasting partnerships with the designers of essential simulation software: ExtendSim, Pathfinder, PyroSim.

    French distributor of the software operated, 1Point2 has accumulated expertise in the use and transfer of skills on these tools.

    You will be supported in the choice of professional and robust solutions.

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  • Achievements

    Models built for the biggest companies, covering heterogeneous issues, always fascinating!

    Among hundreds of customers and applications of flow simulation, 1Point2 offers a sample of realizations.

    Does your project seem very special? Ask us for information, we probably have things to share.

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