ExtendSim is offered in the original US version (software and documentation) in three different packages, from basic to comprehensive. Each profession and each application will find the most appropriate configuration (contact us if needed).

ExtendSim CP
936 euros HT *
ExtendSim CP (Continuous & Process) constitutes the core, for continuous systems, including database capabilities.
ExtendSim DE
3288 euros HT *
ExtendSim DE (Discrete Events modeling) adds to ExtendSim CP the discrete event library for industrial modeling, or for reengineering business or administrative processes.
ExtendSim Pro
4698 euros HT *
ExtendSim Pro, adds the Rate library, for process and batch industries and hybrid models – the Reliability library, for reliability block diagramming – the Excel Add-In for ExtendSim databases.
1Point2 Bonus
150 euros HT

Prices are changed every month, website could be not accurate

This optional library is a toolbox meant as an add-on to ExtendSim. It is the result of 1Point2’s years of experience in building models, and adds important extra features related to model animation, communication between blocks, and managing calendar dates. Descriptive paper

* single-user license, includes a maintenance/support contract, mandatory after the first year.

ExtendSim is also offered for network version (LAN/WAN) linking computers of a same company.
The Analysis configuration allows running and spreading models without the need of the developer’s version.