Tools and services related to dynamic simulation and industrial organization


1Point2 supports companies in their changes by using simulation techniques. Industry managers call upon us to assist their decision-making process on complex systems.

Trained in industrial simulation in the United States and in France, the 1Point2 team has provided services, quality software and training in the field of simulation since 1987.


Simulation is our core business. Once pioneers in this domain, we have an unparalleled experience in the scope of simulation issues and use of modelling tools, and we are also at the cutting edge of new tendencies and breakthroughs related to simulation for the industry… and increasingly for many other fields!

1Point2 is an independent French company and the exclusive distributor of ExtendSim in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece.


1Point2 is also a French distributor of Pathfinder, a multi-agent program dedicated to pedestrian simulation, especially for evacuation purposes, and of PyroSim, a graphical interface/code generator for Fire Dynamics Simulator. See the dedicated websites (in French) and