ExtendSim, general-purpose simulation program, is the ideal simulation platform to study the behavior of complex systems. Worldwide leader in simulation, it has tested it in all economical fields, with limits that are never reached.

ExtendSim CP (Continuous & Process) is the configuration for system dynamics studies.

The continuous engine in ExtendSim CP is used to model systems that need to be evaluated at regular steps of time (these models often include differential equations, feedback loops, integrates…). Engineers and researchers use it in particular in biology, ecology, control systems, economy, finance, pharmacology, mathematics, physics etc.


CaptureNext to generic tools for model description and user-interface settings, ExtendSim CP provide a large library of objects to model electronic systems. Know more about this.


ExtendSim CP is the core of all ExtendSim modules. Its essentials features are found in all ExtendSim products, along with specific objects for representing continuous processes.

  • Graphical interface with controls, interactive dialog boxes (including during simulation)
  • Built-in C compiler
  • Several customizable 2D animation levels
  • Unlimited number of hierarchical sub-systems
  • Sensitivity analysis of a model to parameter variation
  • Integrated simulation databases, for storing, managing and displaying all types of data
  • Scientific libraries
  • Dynamic links between model parameters and data tables, and internal or external sources
  • Possibility to create your own user-interface
  • Monte-Carlo, State/Action functions

Download a fact sheet about ExtendSim