ExtendSim Pro adds to standard simulation essential functions for modeling continuous, discrete, batch, bulk and mixed processes, in the fields of chemicals, food, and metallurgy plants. It is also the configuration most adapted for modeling high rate production lines, where representing each element individually is classically a disadvantage.
The specific Rate library includes tanks, valves, conveyors, sensors, for modeling bulk systems, tracking individual items, allowing discrete items to exchange information and flow with continuous material.


Main technical points in the Rate library for continuous and mixed flows:

  • co-operative discrete and continuous flows in the same model,
  • quick calculation and flow throughput,
  • real-time animation of maximum rate and actual rate,
  • animation of tank level and direction of flow, plus blocking and starving conditions,
  • attributes for qualifying flows (e.g. distinguish the different layers in a tank),
  • goals for flow quantities and duration.


ExtendSim Pro also adds a new library for RBD (Reliability Block Diagramming)  focusing on  identifying which resource availabilities are most important, and to what extent the timing and duration of their unavailability impacts the system.

It can be used as either a standalone RBD tool or in conjunction with ExtendSim simulation capabilities.

  • Captures reliability behavior and assists in defining repair policies.
  • Shows how each component’s availability status impacts the status of related components and the status of the whole system.
  • Stores time-between-failure (TBF) and time-to-repair (TTR) random distributions, and associates failures, shifts, and maintenance events with a specific component for accurate availability modeling.
  • Graphically and statistically describes when scheduled and unscheduled downs occur for individual resources.

Download a fact sheet about ExtendSim