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Documentation about ExtendSim and simulation

ExtendSim v9 Fact Sheet

New Features in ExtendSim version 10 as compared to version 9

Guidelines to a successful simulation study


ExtendSim Trial Version

Single-user version dedicated to evaluating ExtendSim and discovering simulation (product is ExtendSim Pro individual). ExtendSim is installed in a few clicks, and when launching the Activation dialog appears where you choose Try to start the trial period. Afterwards, you will have to enter an activation key.
This trial version is active for 30 days and gives access to the complete documentation and to many illustration models.




Application cases

Flows of passengers, buses, shuttles and planes in an airport hub: HubSim, Airport Simulation

Flows of TGV trains in need of maintenance: Maintenance of a vehicle fleet

Flows of bottles on a packing line: Packing Lines

Flows of persons and lifts in office buildings: Office workers and lifts

Flows of employees, users and visitors in a court of justice: Public buildings, simulating flow of people

Flows of boats and raw material in an industrial port: Port site, a future increase in traffic

Flows of passengers and vehicles of public transportation: Underground and bus Networks

Flows of material and water in a chemical plant: Constraints on water resource in a chemical process

Flows of calls, emails and operators in a call center: Call center: improving feedback management

Flows of various material in a food production plant: Dimensioning a new establishment

Flows of crops, personnel, vehicles and tools on agricultural parcels : From Seed to Plant

Flows of medical samples, personnel and equipment in a medical Lab: Medical Test Laboratory: Dimensioning issues

Flows of metallic parts and boxes on a finishing line in the automotive industry: Setting up a new machine in the manufacturing industry

Flows of full/empty pallets in a warehouse: Automated Warehouse Simulation