ExtendSim AT (Advanced Technology) adds to standard simulation essential functions for modeling continuous, discrete, batch, bulk and mixed processes, in the fields of chemicals, food, and metallurgy plants. It is also the configuration most adapted for modeling high rate production lines, where representing each element individually is classically a disadvantage.
The specific Rate library includes tanks, valves, conveyors, sensors, for modeling bulk systems, tracking individual items, allowing discrete items to exchange information and flow with continuous material.


Main technical points in the Rate library for continuous and mixed flows:

  • co-operative discrete and continuous flows in the same model,
  • quick calculation and flow throughput,
  • real-time animation of maximum rate and actual rate,
  • animation of tank level and direction of flow, plus blocking and starving conditions,
  • attributes for qualifying flows (e.g. distinguish the different layers in a tank),
  • goals for flow quantities and duration.


ExtendSim Suite adds a 3D environment tightly integrated with simulation engine. 3D tools are independent of, but integrated with, the logical model, and 3D animation can be added after the model has been validated.
3D animation can be implemented a posteriori on a stable and validated version of the model. It may be applied to portions of the model, to be presented to a novice public…

  • Animation runs concurrently with simulation of buffered for post-processing.
  • Over 100 pre-built 3D objects, and you may add you own.
  • Exact control of object position, scale, and collidability.
  • 3D objects can be mounted on other objects.
  • Shadows, footprints, vehicle trails, and 3D sound.
  • Control over environment and terrain.

Download a fact sheet about ExtendSim